EASA Online Part-Time ATPL Theory


Online Part-Time ATPL (A) theory course covers all the subjects required by the EASA and is an essential step towards becoming a professional pilot. Utilize our live lectures, consultations, and interactive online e-learning to ensure you pass your exams without any hurdles. Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (Area 100 – KSA) is included in this course.

Terms & Conditions



What’s Included

    • 185 Hours Of Live Broadcasting
    • Study Material + Questionnaire
    • Homework Assignments
    • Progress Testing
    • Written Stage Checks Exam
    • Oral Stage Checks Exam
    • 2 Hours One To One Free Live Consultation with Instructor
    • The Training Is In Accordance With The EASA Regulations
    • Access To Our e-Learning System During The Course
  • There are 14 exams that cover the following topics:
    1. Principles of Flight
    2. Airframes/Engines/Electrics
    3. Performance
    4. General Navigation
    5. Radio Navigation
    6. Instruments/Electronics
    7. Communications
    8. KSA 100
    9. Air Law & ATC
    10. Operational Procedures
    11. Flight Planning & Monitoring
    12. Mass & Balance
    13. Human Performance & Limitations
    14. Meteorology

Course Benefit

    • Our virtual classroom is set up with the latest technological advancements to ensure a prime level of learning.
    • Students can attend lectures, go through the reading materials, complete assignments, and fulfill their theoretical requirements.
    • No geographic restrictions
    • Students can save tremendous time and funds on their overall pilot training!
    • Courses are broadcasted LIVE so that students may voice questions and enable optimum

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