EASA ICAO English Exam Online


The ICAO English Language Proficiency Exam is mandatory for all pilots flying in Europe and is conducted online via a virtual platform with certified examiners. The examination is video recorded and submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the Czech Republic.

Terms & Conditions



What’s Included

  • The proficiency check consists of 3 parts:
    • Conversation and description (from aviation industry)
    • Listening to aviation communication – pilot must be able to answer the examiner’s questions
    • Reading and understanding of an article from manual, aviation regulation, or aviation publication

    The duration of the check is approximately 30 minutes and the evaluation is done on the spot.

    The examinations can be taken online, please contact our flight training consultants for further detailed information.

  • Currently, each pilot flying internationally must have a minimum level 4 of ICAO English language proficiency check on their license. The recurrence of undertaking the ICAO English proficiency examination is determined by the level achieved
    • Level 4 – every 3 years
    • Level 5 – every 6 years
    • Level 6 – unlimited validity

Course Benefit

  • Our virtual classroom is set up with the latest technological advancements to ensure a prime level of learning.
  • Students can attend lectures, go through the reading materials, complete assignments, and fulfill their theoretical requirements.
  • No geographic restrictions
  • Students can save tremendous time and funds on their overall pilot training!
  • Courses are broadcasted LIVE so that students may voice questions and enable optimum


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