You are now officially on track towards achieving your dream of becoming a pilot!

You have received the awesome gift of xxx from xxx ! your course starts on xxxx.

You will soon be contacted by our Flyin academy administration department, as well as your personal flight training consultant in order to guide you through your process of becoming a pilot

Now whats the next step you might wonder? 

For the Practical training, you will receive:

One on one training with instructor in the air*

Time in cockpit as pilot in command*

For the ground training, you will receive:

Access to our Learning Management System

Live Tutorials and Demonstrations

Progress tests

Monitored Progress Check

Course Completion Certificate

Our state of the art virtual classrooms are held in our GMeet platform. You will receive top of the line instructions, lectures, and consultations, as well as access to course recordings and interactive worksheets, accredited towards your overall training.

You will also be joining your peers in our highly communal group chats to get all the latest updates and connect with fellow aviators!

The more important portion of your your pilot training is the flight part, carried out in the cockpit where u will get to flyy all your required hours for your practical training modules, These extensive modules cover the PPL (for non PPL holders), IR, MEP, CPL courses – and for the first time, students also have the option to add on the exclusive and highly praised MCC and advanced UPRT courses as extras.

Here’s what you need to know:

 We are excited to have you join us in our online classrooms to complete all the theoretical portions of your pilot training program! You will find below all necessary information you will need moving forward.

  • Classes are held in our Google Meet platform, hence you will find attached below the student guide that will help you navigate our virtual classrooms.

  • You will also find attached the schedule for our upcoming classes 

  • Moreover, you will receive  the link and details for access to the forthcoming class a day prior.

  • You are also to receive access to your Learning Management System (LMS). Please note that in order for you to make the most of your training, we highly recommend that you use our productive eLearning tool (LMS) in order to equip yourself with all the necessary means and resources (hand books, flight charts, regulations, fleet info, tutorial videos, etc…) you would need.

  • If you would like to gain access to one of the recorded online classes for your own self-studying revisions, simply send a request to your flight training consultant with the name of the course and the date at which it was held  and you will obtain temporary access to said lecture (*please note that recorded classes do not substitute your required attendance).

  • And finally, you will be added to our Whatsapp group chat where you will join other students to receive updates and links to join the class, as well as interact with one another.

If you are experiencing any difficulties or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to voice them to your appointed Flight Training Consultant, or simply email our customer service support at


We hope you enjoy these curated courses, and that you see your way through your journey of becoming the best pilot you can be!

*Practical training programs vary between 50 up to 250 hours of flight, depending on your selected program