081 Principles of Flight


This subject explains the aerodynamics of the aircraft, how the aircraft is set in motion, including lift, drag, thrust, weight, etc. It also explains the laws of physics involved in the functioning of the flight and how the airplane is controlled and stabilized in the air. At the end of each subject, there will be interactive guided discussions with the respective instructors where they will address and prepare you for some of the toughest questions given by the authorities regarding the topic.

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What’s Included

  • 60 Hours Live Broadcasting
  • Study Material & Worksheets
  • Homework Assignments
  • Progress Testing
  • Unlimited Access To EASA (Performance) Question Bank
  • The Training Is Accordance To The EASA Regulations
  • Access To Our e-Learning System
  • SUBSONIC: Atmosphere Basics”
  • SUBSONIC: Two-dimensional Coefficients 
  • SUBSONIC: Three-dimensional Total drag”
  • SUBSONIC: Ground Effect; CL-Max augmentation; Means to Reduce; Aerodynamic degradation
  • HIGH-SPEED AERODYNAMICS: Speed; Shock Wave; Effects of exceeding the critical Mach; Means to influence critical Mach
  • CONTROL: General; Pitch control; Yaw Control; Roll Control; Means to reduce control forces; Trimming
  • LIMITATIONS: Operating Limitations; Manoeuvring envelope; Gust Envelope
  • PROPELLERS: Conversion of engine torque to thrust; Design features for power Absorption; Secondary effects of propellers
  • FLIGHT MECHANICS: Forces Acting; Asymmetric Thrust; Significant Point


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