FI & IRI Seminar


Flying Academy is organizing an online standardization seminar for FI and IRI which will take place in March 2023. Do you want to prolong or renew your instructor qualification, or improve your knowledge of regulations and legal aspects? Sign up now! The seminar is conducted in accordance with AMC 1 FCL.940.FI (a) (2) FI and may be attended by instructors from other flight schools.

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The following topics will be covered in the standardization seminar:

  • Airmanship
  • Self-study + LMS + usage of electronic materials/aids
  • Regulation amendments (EK1178/2011, 290/2012, 965/2012, 376/2014, 2015/1018)
  • Pre-Entry requirements
  •  Meteorology
  • Aviation law, governing policies, and regulatory bodies (EASA / CAA)
  • Technics and methods for training effectivity
  • Instructor’s role in training, evaluation of student progress
  • Human factors and limitations
  • Radio navigation
  • Risk mitigation, preventive and corrective actions
  • Safety, reporting, Occurrence/Incidents debriefing

The course will be conducted in English & Czech.

  • English will take place on March 01-03, from 16-20h respectively.
  • The Czech language will take place on March 14-16 from 16-20h respectively

The course is designed as intensive which will be for 4 hours each day, leading to a total of 12 hours.
Course price: (225USD)

To prolong the validity of an FI and IRI rating, it is necessary to meet two of the following three conditions in accordance with FCL.940.FI:

  1. In the case of an FI (A) and (H) certificate, at least 50 hours of flight instruction in the appropriate aircraft category as an FI, TRI, CRI, IRI, MI, or as an examiner during the validity of the certificate. If the privileges for the provision of instrument rating training are to be extended, ten of these hours shall constitute instrument instruction flight training and shall be completed within 12 months before the expiry of the FI certificate.
  2. Attend a standardization seminar for instructors during the validity of the FI certificate.
  3. Pass the proficiency check in accordance with FCL.935 within twelve months prior to the expiry of the FI certificate.

If the validity of the FI certificate expires, the applicant must, within a period of 12 months prior to its renewal:

  1.  Attend a standardization seminar for instructors.
  2. Pass the proficiency check in accordance with FCL.935.

To log in and for more information, contact us at +420 2 2888 2444 or by email at [email protected].