EASA Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Training with Online Theory (1st Installment)


FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) 0-CPL(A) is designed for students with little to no flying experience and who want to pursue a career in aviation according to FAA regulations.
Get a head start towards your career as a professional pilot during these difficult times as our training program is able to accommodate the restraints you might be currently experiencing.
You will start with online theory from the comfort of your home for PPL (Private Pilot License), IR (Instrument Rating) and CPL (Commercial Pilot License). Afterwards, you should arrive in the US to conduct your practical training. This organisation of training will decrease the costs of the training, providing you with high-quality theoretical training following the current trends, while allowing you to save on the living costs.

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Theoretical ground lessons lay the foundation for your practical training.
The ground preparation consists of 750 hours of ATPL theory delivered by our professional lecturers. You will complete the majority of your theoretical training online from the comfort of your home prior to starting the practical part of your training, utilizing our effective tools such as state-of-the-art studio, virtual classroom with all classwork, e-learning with all study aids and materials, and even access to testing database. This will ensure your smooth transition to the practical part of the training, as you will already possess necessary knowledge.
Phases I – VI also include Long Briefings that will be conducted on base and focusing on the practical aspects of the training.


You can complete Phases 1, 2 and 3 before finishing ATPL Theory classes. Therefore, if the current situation changes we can adjust the training accordingly.

The practical training is conducted at one of our two bases in the Czech Republic – Prague and Brno.

The Integrated ATPL course is divided in 5 phases of training:

  • Phase 1 – Developing basic flight skills
  • Phase 2 – Initiation to complex flying
  • Phase 3 – Introduction to Commercial flying
  • Phase 4 – Advanced flight skills
  • Phase 5 – Advanced UPRT
  • Phase 6 – Multi Crew Cooperation & Jet Orientation Course

At the end of the program, the trainee will have flown: 198 hours, out of which

  • 112.5 hours Dual (with FI),
  • 116 hours under IFR,
  • 20 hours SPIC,
  • 50 hours on the simulator,
  • 50 hours solo cross-country.

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