EASA Full-Time ATPL 360° Online Theory

ATPL 360°

Get a head start on you accomplishing your aviation dreams by joining the fully inclusive and exciting ATPL 360° program. Get up to 750 hours of theoretical training, as well as over 220 hours of practical training. All whilst saving valuable time by completing all theoretical modules online and getting the credits you need for your certification, and saving you valuable funds as well on your online courses and your flight modules.


Full-Time ATPL 360° Online Theory is designed to accommodate any travel restrictions you might be experiencing, but at the same time provide you with high quality training based on full-time classroom structure. Get your 650 hours of theoretical preparation with an instructor in a small group utilizing our effective tools such as state-of-the-art virtual classroom, assigned classwork, our brand new e-learning with all study materials and aids,  and access to the EASA testing database of your choice.
The classes will take place Monday through Friday, for approximately 5 hours a day. 
Avoid struggling with redundant self-studying, instead, Flying Academy’s brilliant instructors teach you all that you need to know to pass your exams successfully and fast.
You will cover the following subjects:
  • 010 Air Law
  • 021 Airframes and Systems
  • 022 Instrumentation
  • 031 Mass and Balance
  • 032 Flight Performance
  • 033 Flight Planning and Monitoring
  • 040 Human Performance
  • 050 Meteorology
  • 061 General Navigation
  • 062 Radio Navigation
  • 070 Operational Procedures
  • 081 Principles of Flight
  • 091 VFR Communication
  • 092 IFR Communication


There are 14 exams you have to pass to prove sufficient knowledge appropriate to the privileges of the holder of an ATPL (A) in accordance with the EASA Part-FCL requirements.
After successful completion of the Intensive ATPL 360° Online Theory or even partially after completion of some of the subjects, you will be able to pass your theoretical examinations in any EASA member state Authority and even directly at Flying Academy in Prague. We are an approved testing center under Austro Control for theoretical exams, and can therefore provide full support for the exams as well!


To be at least 17 years old

You need to be at least 17 years old to enrol in Full-Time ATPL(A) Theory training.

To be a PPL(A) holder

You need to be at least a Private Pilot License holder. 

To be proficient in the English language

You need to be able to read, write, speak and understand English fluently.

To have sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and Physics

You must be able to make some basic mental calculation and have a minimum knowledge of Maths and Physics. No specific degree is needed.

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