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Start your training remotely now

With Flying Academy’s brand new online classrooms, you can start your theoretical training without leaving the comfort of your home, in a decent amount of time!

State-of-the-art online training

Do not compromise on quality just because you’re studying remotely. Flying Academy has all the tools you need to complete your theoretical training successfully.

Cut the time and the costs of the pilot training

Complete a part of your training from home and therefore save your funds on living costs. Having the necessary theoretical training will also speed up your progress through practical training.

Dedicated Customer Support team

Even when you are studying remotely, Flying Academy stays close to you via our Customer Support team to guide you and assist you through your studies.

Professional Pilot Training

The ultimate goal is obtaining a Commercial Pilot License. Whether you are interested in American license (FAA) or European license (EASA), Flying Academy has a solution.
Our training programs are specifically adjusted to the “new normal” that we are all experiencing around the world. Complete your whole ground training first in our virtual classrooms with full support of the Flying Academy team. During this period, you will have sufficient time to sort out your visa if needed and be able to transition to practical training on base smoothly.
Pay only the remote training portion first and the rest in installments throughout your practical training.

Theoretical Training

A significant part of your theoretical training will be carried out online, remotely from wherever you may be, prior to starting your practical training. This will enable you to start your training quickly without delay, and at the same time provide a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge.
Training will be organized via a virtual classroom, which includes detailed instructions on classwork assignments with full support of our Learning Management System (e-learning) providing you the access to all study materials you need anywhere and testing databases to help you with written exams, when the time comes. Our state-of-the-art studio will ensure a great learning experience during your online lessons. Studying has never been easier.
Theoretical training is provided as remote lectures and guided discussions to ensure your full understanding of the topics covered and also as guided self-study. Each lecture will include study assignments and a short homework quiz to test your knowledge. Continuous testing in verified testing database is another great tool to secure successful passing of theoretical written exams.
Would you like to experience our interactive e-learning first-hand? Do not hesitate to request a free trial of our Learning Management System!

Flight Training

After completing the ground portion of the training from your home, you will be ready to take on the next challenge – in this case the practical part of your training. With a solid theoretical basis, the flight training will be smooth and dedicated Long Briefings on the ground with an instructor will focus on practical aspects of the training. 
Our Customer Support team will guide you through the transition from remote theoretical training to practical training on site, including the assistance with visas, accommodation and other aspects of living in a foreign country.
The flight training can be conducted at 4 locations:

Application Process

Our Flight Training Consultants are here to assist you with any questions you might have via email, phone, Whatsapp or any other means of communication as per your preference. Or simply fill in the Contact form below and we will reach out to you.
We will guide you through the whole application and enrollment process remotely, saving your time and at the same time providing great customer experience.

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